How To Leave a Massage Parlor “Happy” For Free!

Well, let me clarify that it’s not totally free, but will only cost you the money you pay when you enter the massage parlor.  Many erotic massage parlors, will give you options when you first enter the establishment such as topless, g-string, topless, mutual massage, etc.  If you choose “no options” where the massage therapist is supposed to give you a normal massage, some places still give their customers happy endings since it’s not technically prostitution if you’re not paying for it, or paying extra for it.

The massage parlor owner gets paid and it’s usually the massage therapist that gets shafted, unless you decide to tip them.  The next time you visit a new massage parlor, give it a try.

Here’s a little bit of advice, especially with massage parlors in Las Vegas.  You should try this at at a non-Asian massage parlor, as AMPs always charge extra for any erotic services.  At least AMPs are upfront with the services and you know exactly what you’re getting and for how much.


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